Lil Wayne addresses his relationship with his younger brother, Semaj, for the first time and the reason behind not letting him appear often in the media

It is true that Lil Wayne has a half-brother who goes by the n ame of Semaj. Two of Semaj and Wayne’s fathers are different, but they share the same mother. Compared to Reginae Carter, Wayne’s first daughter, Semaj was born in 1998,

Explaining the reason why Kanye West’s net worth decreased from $1.8B to $400M in 2023 after he formed a group of friends with Jay Z, Kim Kardashian, Drake,…

Kanye West’s relationship with mo ney has always been flamboyant. In 2022, Forbes declared him a billionaire, a feat he loudly celebrated. To mark the occasion, he formed a text group with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment – Drake,

Lil Wayne calls DJ Khaled his ‘teacher’ for helping him in his early days of entering rap music

Because DJ Khaled helped him when he initially started in the rap music industry, Lil Wayne refers to him as his “teacher.”Because of his deep appreciation for DJ Khaled’s significant influence on his early rap career, Lil Wayne lovingly refers to the rapper

Jay Z is proud that his wife, Beyonce, is becoming more and more beautiful and whiter than him

Jay-Z beams with pride whenever he sees Beyonce. It’s not just her undeniable beauty that captivates him, though that certainly hasn’t faded. It’s the way she carries herself, a confidence that comes from years of honing her craft and achieving phenomenal success. He

The luckiest girlfriend is named Cristina Mackey, who was given luxury trips by Rick Ross, most recently a unique aerial sunset and coffee experience by his plane

Rick Ross, a famed singer and businessman, recently established a new benchmark for romantic gestures by taking his fiancee to a coffee shop that was located in an airplane, thousands of feet above the ground. In order to demonstrate his imagination and flare

Why, even though Rick Ross already has 2 garages full of red cars, still spent $9M to own this repaired old motorbike?

The extraordinary gift from artist and businessman Rick Ross shocked everyone. He spent approximately $9 m illion customizing the new Harley-Davidson Road Glide, making it the most amazing motorcycle ever and a symbol of wealth and uniqueness. Possible image: 1 person, motorcycle, scooter,

The unforgettable performance of Lil Wayne and other famous rappers at DJ Khaled’s birthday 13 years ago: Why is it still talked about today?

Certain events in hip-hop history define artistry and showmanship. Lil Wayne performed at DJ Khaled’s birthday party 13 years ago, an event that still resonates in the music community. Now a hip-hop classic, the event showcases Wayne’s talent and the power of live

Check out this list of celebrities who share a birthday with Lil Wayne, the last character on the list may su:rprise you

September 27th marks the birthday of Lil Wayne, a prominent player in the music industry. Lil Wayne, renowned for his impact on hip-hop, has left a legacy that inspires fans and musicians alike. Aside from him, other celebrities are also celebrating this anniversary.

Explore a day at work as Flau’jae Johnson and Lil Wayne shot the visual for “Came Out A Beast” yesterday in Los Angeles

The music video for “Came Out A Beast” was shot yesterday in Los Angeles by Flau’jae Johnson and Lil Wayne. Yesterday, on July 10th, Flau’jae Johnson and Lil Wayne completed the production of a music video for their new collaboration, which is titled

The story behind the in:cident where Beyonce ac:cidentally r:uined the wedding during her trip to Italy with her new short hair and the luckiest bride in history

Jay Z and Beyoncé: couple who crashed weddings? That appears to be the case. The Carter-Knowles family was not treated to a trip to TGI Fridays while the couple was on holiday in Portofino celebrating Bey’s 33rd birthday, rather they chose to go